Where is your shop located?

- We do not have a physical shop but there is a place to pick-up your orders. 


Where is your pick-up location?

- The exact location will be sent to you via WhatsApp +974 6671 9214
- We are located in Al Khor City. 



What payment methods do you accept?

1. Cash
2. Bank Transfer (contact us on WhatsApp +974 6671 9214



What shipping/delivery methods do you have?

1. Car delivery (delivered to your preferred location - house/office/school etc.)
2. Qatar Post (only accepts Bank Transfer for this method)
3. Pick-up (you can pick up your order at our location)


How can I get my order shipped through Qatar Post?

- Pick "Bank Transfer" as your payment method at checkout. 
- Pick "Doha" as your delivery method. 
- WhatsApp us on +974 6671 9214 and let us know your order number. 
- State that you would like the order to be delivered via QPost. 



Do you accept Refunds or Returns?

- We do not accept refunds or returns after your order has been delivered to you. 


What should I do if I receive my items damaged?

- Incase of any damages/scratches not mentioned to you by our admin before receiving the order, you must contact us within 24 hours upon receiving it to resolve the issue. 
- Please send pictures as proof of the damages/scratches. 
*some items have small damages and scratches due to shipping. 



How can I cancel my order?

- Contact us on WhatsApp +974 6671 9214 to cancel your order. 
- 24 hours after you have ordered the items, your orders are sent to the supplier to be packed. Therefore, you must only cancel your order within 24 hours or before your order's status is fulfilled. 

 About your Order

How can I add or cancel an item from my order?

- Contact us on WhatsApp +974 6671 9214 with your order number and what you would like to add or what you would like to cancel from your order. 


My order is taking longer than the expected arrival time, why?

- Shipping delays occur due to holidays, this may postpone the arrival by a few days. 
- Insufficient stock due to an item being sold out will be restocked within a few days, this may postpone the arrival of your order. 
*You will be emailed if your order is delayed due to these reasons. 


Can I expect delivery delays?

- As we deliver most of the orders ourself, there may be delays by a few days due to our schedule.